Welcome to our careers in theatre podcast, Backstage with Disney Theatrical, a resource for you to hear more about what happens behind-the-scenes and who is involved in bringing our shows to life.

Meet Our Host

Chiara Lari is an Italian/Angolan actress from Washington DC. She is currently training in acting at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and has also trained in musical theatre at the BRIT School. Her passions include theatre (of course), travelling, meeting new people and painting.

Episode 1

Backstage with… Technical Management (Feat. Spencer New and Natalie Wood)
Today we hear from two pivotal people at Disney Theatrical Group - Technical Manager, Spencer New and Technical Supervisor, Natalie Wood. Their job is to support all our productions from a technical perspective and ensure that they are ready for each and every performance. Spencer and Natalie are the technical reason that we are able to put on our incredible shows and turn a vision into real life - they are the link between the creatives and the technicians. What do you think their mystery item is? Listen here to find out!

Episode 2

Backstage with… Sound (Feat. Remo Gimmi)
Have you ever wondered how the sound within a theatre works? Why don’t you hear everything happening backstage? Aladdin’s Deputy Head of Sound, Remo Gimmi, joins us today. Remo’s job is to operate and fit microphones in order for the cast and orchestra to be heard across the theatre. As well as that, he mixes the show in order for that sound to be at the quality the show needs. Listen in to this episode to find out what Sound Design fully entails.

Episode 3

Backstage with… Automation (Feat. Alex Firth)
Alex Firth is part of the automation team at Aladdin. The Automation department looks after the mechanics and electrical systems that make the intricate pieces of scenery move. Alex started his career in lighting – find out how he changed his path and became part of automation.

Episode 4

Backstage with… Make up (Feat. Danielle Johnally)
Hair and make-up plays a huge part in any show, and The Lion King is no exception. From face painting, to beauty make up, to hair styling of wigs, Danielle Jonhally and her team in hair and make up bring to life the essence of the characters. They marry the actor to the costumes, masks and puppets, enhancing the finer details of the characters they portray on stage. Listen here to find out more about this department!

Episode 5

Backstage with… Deputy Masks and Puppets (Feat. Laurie "Chippy" Duncan)
THE LION KING is made up largely by the incredible puppets. Chippy is not a puppeteer; her and her team are there to fix and mend the puppets as well as keeping them looking fresh. Chippy has a background in art and a BA in technical arts and special effects but continues her learning from sources such as youtube! From starting her career in prop making, find out how Chippy found herself working at THE LION KING.

Episode 6

Backstage with… Set and Costume Design (Feat. Amy Mitchell)
The Lion King's very own Gary Jordan – who plays Zazu – speaks with Amy Mitchell. Amy started her career in film, but realised theatre was her calling. From making practice sets to costume design, as well as working as a Dep, Amy's job is very varied. Being freelance, she also sheds some light on other shows she has worked on and other projects she has coming up. During the conversation, she even coins the phrase "backstage Choreography”. Listen hear to find what she means!